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Our process follows a simple pattern: Goal, Strategy, Tactics, and Execution. In the initial client meetings, David will begin by inviting you to describe your perfect outcome. Where do you see yourself in six months, two years, five years? This opens the door for discussions to acheive those goals. With those goals fixed firmly in mind, we’ll begin planning your case by crafting an overarching strategy, the tactics necessary for the outcome and then simply put those tactics to work.

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About David Binkley

David Binkley practices civil law in both trial and appellate courts. He has handled some of the most complex, challenging and high profile cases in Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia and is recognized as one of the most successful trial attorneys in our area. He represents numerous companies and individuals in complex and significant business disputes and “bet-your-company” cases. He has tried dozens of civil cases to verdict and has argued in the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Supreme Court and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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  • Nicholas K.
    Binkley is the real deal

    "Maybe one of the smartest divorce lawyers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Great strategist, outstanding writer and knows the courtroom. Binkley is the real deal."
    Nicholas K.
  • Brian H.
    "I was referred to Dave Binkley by another divorce lawyer because, in his words, you need someone who will not back down under any circumstances. Dave Binkley was exactly that guy. I have referred many more people to him and they all say the same thing. He’s simply tough."
    Brian H.
  • Courtney T.
    "Selecting the right advocate to navigate a matter as important as divorce is critical. You might scared, embarrassed, angry, in shock, and are likely concerned about what the future looks like. It is a time to pick someone that will be a balanced advocate, willing to passionately protect your wishes, as well as ask you the hard questions when you are relenting too quickly. You can, without question, trust that you will find all of this in David Binkley. Meet him, and you will know immediately that he is your trusted advisor and that, with him, you will find resolution you are seeking at this difficult time."
    Courtney T.
  • Michelle R
    I absolutely recommend Mr. Binkley

    "Mr. Binkley was a steadfast advocate for me during a long and complex Divorce and Custody suit. Divorce is difficult for anyone to go through and choosing the right attorney is critical. Mr. Binkley is an intelligent attorney who has broad knowledge of the law and a strong, confident presence in the courtroom. While he may at times tell you things you need to hear rather than things you want to hear, it is evident that he speaks from long years of experience and that it is your life and your future he is working to secure. My post-divorce life with my children is happy and successful because we won. I absolutely recommend Mr. Binkley to anyone needing representation for family law matters."
    Michelle R
  • Kathi M.
    "Having worked with many attorneys on business issues and family law - both in and out of the state - I can definitively say that David Binkley is the best of the best. Not only is he respected by other attorneys because of decades of relentless advocacy for his clients, but he thrives in the arena of complex litigation; with easier matters being dispensed with swiftly. David sweats the small details that other attorneys seem to miss altogether. No games, no nonsense, just superior representation. Period. David has a soft spot for his client's distress and suffering which motivates him to be highly responsive and effective. He explains and then implements his clever strategies so that the client feels like they have a bit of control during an often unsettling event. His faith, a sharp and decisive mind, clever wit, biting sense of humor, humility, and strong physical presence drive David's creative approach to unearth winning solutions. Lots of attorneys have slick rhetoric, blast us with media advertising, or may have been referred to by your great aunt's long lost cousin, but this man gets the job done under the most difficult circumstances. David's the real deal . . . and I highly recommend him."
    Kathi M.
  • Robert H.
    Saving the Company

    "Our company hired David Binkley in the middle of a very messy shareholder dispute.  Our previous counsel told us to settle but without giving us a good reason to do so. Mr. Binkley asked the one question no one else asked us "what do you want the company to look like in 1-3 years?" and then he tailored a strategy to get us exactly there.  Being informed is key to trusting your attorney and Mr. Binkley was excellent at keeping us not only informed, but discussing strategies to achieve our objectives.  I've come to rely on  him for all of our other work."
    Robert H.
  • Ron A.
    "David Binkley was my outside counsel for 3 years before I convinced him to become general counsel to our parent company and its 100 subsidiaries. In that 10 year period his success rate was 99% (he lost one case in 10 years) but his commitment to our companies was always 100%. He is a trusted advisor, brilliant in the courtroom and a skilled tactician. I haven't used outside counsel for anything since he joined us. My highest recommendation!"
    Ron A.
  • United States District Judge Malcolm Howard (Eastern District of North Carolina)
    "I respect lawyers who take hard cases, and this is a very hard case. I don’t know how you could have done it any better, Mr. Binkley"
    United States District Judge Malcolm Howard (Eastern District of North Carolina)

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