Whether you’re tied up in complex business litigation or contemplating a divorce, legal proceedings can cause extreme stress on your day-to-day life. But at David Binkley Law, our process is designed to empower you.

All too often, a client can be whisked through court proceedings and come out the other side without even understanding the events that just unfolded, much less receiving the outcome they want. When you become a client of David Binkley Law, it’s my role as the attorney to educate and inform you, while I protect your interests at all costs.

Our process follows a simple pattern: Goal, Strategy, Tactics, and Execution. In the initial client meetings, David will begin by inviting you to describe your perfect outcome. Where do you see yourself in six months, two years, five years? This opens the door for discussions to acheive those goals. With those goals fixed firmly in mind, we’ll begin planning your case by crafting an overarching strategy, the tactics necessary for the outcome and then simply put those tactics to work.

As my client, the legal strategy that I deploy in your case will not be obtuse or unfamiliar to you. I believe in transparency, and by drawing on over 40 years of training, education, and experience in the courtroom, I will develop a strategy that invites you to become an active participant in your own case. You will be fully informed and empowered, as I give you the body of knowledge to understand the risks, benefits, and decisions that are presented to you.

Throughout the resolution of your case, you are in full control of your legal affairs. If you’re ready to go to court, David Binkley Law will be your steadfast advocate. If you’re ready to settle, I won’t pull you into a prolonged case unnecessarily. You set your goals, and together, we’ll bring your case to a successful and efficient conclusion.

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